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Osteopathy at

Osteopathy is a system of diagnosis and treatment for a wide range of musculo skeletal conditions.
It works by balancing the structure (skeleton) and function (muscles) of the body

Osteopaths work to restore your body to a state of balance, where possible without the use of drugs or surgery. Osteopaths use touch, physical manipulation, stretching and massage to increase the mobility of joints, to relieve muscle tension, to enhance the blood and nerve supply and to help your body’s own healing mechanisms. They may also provide advice on posture and exercise to aid recovery, promote
health and prevent symptoms recurring.

Cranial Osteopathy

Cranial Osteopathy is a potent, yet subtle type of treatment that encourages the release of tension throughout the body. It is a gentle yet extremely effective approach and may be used for a wide range of conditions, suitable for babies and people of all ages.

Combined Care

This will allow you to benefit from Osteopathy treatment followed by deep tissue massage. Clients are finding that regular visits are greatly increasing their quality of life.

Rapid Release Therapy

This is a totally new concept created by Paul; it can be added to the end of any treatment or used purely as a stand-alone treatment.

The concept is that all conditions whether physical or physological carry with them an emotion which when identified and released can have a dramatic effect.

Paul Heeler BSc (Hons) Osteopathy

Paul Heeler

Paul graduated from the ESO (European School of Osteopathy) in Maidstone, Kent and is a former member of the teaching faculty.
Paul treats today with a wide range of techniques from cranial to structural.
He will also provide advice on posture and lifestyle.
Paul Heeler is a Bupa registered osteopath.

Bupa General Osteopathic Council British Osteopathic Association Safe in our hands
Hi Paul,

I would like to thank you for you giving my wife your emotional release therapy and successfully curing her digestic problems which have been giving her problems for many years and have not been able to be diagonised or cured by other medical means.
- Tony Pickering
Hello Paul

Just a quick note to thanks for the ‘heeling session’. Absolutely fascinating as over the course of a few days the back pain did dissipate and old and prolonged feelings of terror with them. So thank you.
Chalk it up as another success.

All the very best
- Dan Sewell
Hi Paul

It’s a ruddy miracle! Mum tucked into Chicken Korma and special fried rice last night, kept it all down and didn’t even have Delhi belly this morning! She wouldn’t have dared to try eating it before and she just wasn’t fazed by it!

I can’t thank you enough!
Thank you for everything!
- Dawn Booth
Dear Paul,

Thank you for including me in your trial. I am pleased to report that after some of the usual triggers, I have not experienced any shoulder pain.
- Verity Simpson
Dear Paul

I would like to thank you so very much for the treatment that you provided for kookkai.

I am sure that if she went to hospital they would have given her a dozen bags of medication. You provided a quick, safe, drug free and effective treatment for her.

We both sincerely thank you and we strongly recommend to anyone who is having an issue, to allow you into their life and help them as you did for Kookkai.

Kind regards
- John Handcock